4 Money Links You Gotta Read Today

by Jason Unger

If you’re interested in checking out some great reads about money, head over to these links.

The death of cash – Fortune

Indeed, a cashless future is more real than many suspect. In The End of Money, author David Wolman set out to live an entire year without using cash, and he largely succeeded. For the rest of us, the departure from cash is more likely to proceed in fits and starts. Credit card networks like MasterCard and merchants have certainly helped with the first wave by allowing small transactions to go through without a signature, and by installing credit card readers in taxicabs. We may embrace one app first, like Starbucks’ or PayPal’s or Square’s, and slowly grow more comfortable using our phones to pay for more and more things. And the credit card companies and retailers may lead the way to uniform standards and registers that can accept all forms of payment, just as they have with plastic.

Wall Street Journal Declares End To Housing Bust – Consumerist

If you woke up this morning feeling slightly more invigorated… or maybe your coffee tasted just a bit better… maybe you found a $5 bill in your coat pocket on your way to work. It’s no coincidence: The Wall Street Journal has declared an end to the nation’s extended housing bust.

To bolster its claim, the Journal looks at four factors it says show sustained improvement in the housing market.

Just Who Are The Rich? (VIDEO) – QuizzleWire

As the presidential campaign gears up for the start of convention season, taxes have taken center stage in the national debate over the economy and what’s to be done about it in 2013. The president has endorsed a plan that would extend the current, Bush-era, marginal tax rates for one year for families making under $250,000 annually—$200,000 annually for individuals—while allowing them to expire and, thus, increase for those earning more. Current tax rates expire at the end of this year.

Ooma Review: Frugal VOIP Home Phone Service – Bargaineering

With so many different VOIP options, there is no reason to pay full price for your landline, unless you want to. Ooma is easy to install and offers quality service at a discounted price.

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