Highlights from LinkedIn’s Personal Finance Bloggers

by Jason Unger

For the past 10 years, I’ve been the administrator of the Personal Finance Bloggers group on LinkedIn — a group dedicated to sharing personal finance posts, tips for bloggers, and general financial news.

It’s not something I’ve ever highlighted here — and that’s about to change.

Starting this week, we’ll be sharing some of the highlights from the group here on Automatic Finances.

The topics will range — they’re not always about financial automation — so you’ll get a nice diversity of thoughts and suggestions about managing your money and growing your net worth.

Here are this week’s links.

2019 Student Loan Industry Study
Andrew Latham at Supermoney has an in-depth post about the state of the student loan industry. Here’s a sample:

This comprehensive student loan industry study investigates multiple data sources to reveal the key trends and statistics that define how we finance higher education.

Student loans are the fastest growing source of debt for U.S. households. Since 2007 it has grown three times faster than auto loans and 150 times more than mortgages. Student loans are now the largest source of unsecured debt in the United States and have become a financial industry in their own right. Complete with its own secondary market and student loan asset-backed securities.

Tributes to an investing legend
Robin Powell at Evidence Investor gathers a number of reactions and tributes to the death of John Bogle, a man whose work features heavily here at Automatic Finances.

5 Financial Tips For Those Impacted By The Government Shutdown
Living in Washington, D.C., where the majority of federal employees affected by the government shutdown are, I see and hear about the effects every single day. It’s a precarious situation, so Fenept puts together a short list of tips if you’re dealing with being furloughed or potentially out of work because of the shutdown.

Have an article you want highlighted in our weekly recap?

Post it in the Personal Finance Bloggers group, and be sure to contact us and let us know you’d like it to be featured.

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