Weekend Linkage: Good Debt, True Costs and Psychology

Is there such a thing as good debt? If you ask someone like Dave Ramsey, debt is always bad. The Mint Blog, on the other hand, examines the possibility of good debt, such as affordable housing, education and a car to get to work. Bottom line: The best kind of debt is debt you can […]

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Weekend Linkage: Creating Wealth, FSAs and Your Home

Like a few weeks back, this Weekend Linkage has no theme, except that each story is interesting and should save (and make) you some money. That sounds pretty good. Maybe that’ll be the theme: saving and making money. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are the stories. At MSN Money, tax […]

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For First-Time Homebuyers, Consider This

Does it make more sense to rent or buy? This age old question is asked by many people considering buying a house. Recent studies indicate that the cost of renting now exceeds the cost of buying in many markets. In an effort to curb the decline in real estate value, slow foreclosures, and encourage home […]

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