Weekend Linkage: Year End Moves, Tax Tips and Financial Setbacks

With December officially underway, everyone is taking a look at the year that was — and what they can do to finish off on the right step. Should you max out your Roth IRA? Does it make sense to cash in some losing stocks to write it off on your taxes? Are there any government […]

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Festival of Frugality #192

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Welcome to the Festival of Frugality #192 — the best roundup of frugal news, stories and blog posts from across the Internet. Frugality is one of the key tenants of Automatic Finances. Without the ability to keep your spending in check, even a completely automated money management system will leave you in the red. If […]

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Best of Automatic Finances: May 2009

I may be a couple of days late on this roundup, but you’ll have to forgive me: I’m dealing with my new responsibilities of homeownership. Not only are we going through the process of unpacking boxes and putting everything in its place, but we encountered the first unexpected expense of owning a home: repairs. The […]

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Best of Automatic Finances: April 2009

It’s been quite a month here at Automatic Finances! Technically, the site has been live for just about 6 weeks, with 38 posts already live. In this time, I’ve gone through a lot of the automated finances lifestyle: Tracking your spending Investing wisely Going paperless Saving automatically Paying your bills online So, if you’re new […]

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Carnival of Debt Reduction – Doing it Right! Edition

Welcome to the Carnival of Debt Reduction – Doing it Right! Edition. As you’ll find out, a big theme in this week’s posts is managing your money correctly and making wise personal finance decisions — hence, Doing it Right! Although it’s not included in the carnival , check out How Automating My Debt Payments Saved […]

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