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Can Any Personal Finance Pundit Be Trusted?

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The recent look inside Robert Kiyosaki’s wealth seminars generated an interesting discussion in the comments about personal finance pundits and whether they ever have your best interests at heart. It’s a great question, since most pundits made their money telling people how to get rich — reason enough to raise an eyebrow and wonder if […]

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Weekend Linkage: Suze Orman, Clutter and Debt Collectors

As we got closer and closer to the end of the year, you’ll start to see (and make) resolutions about 2010. Maybe you’re going to finally quit smoking, or start getting out of debt, or spend less (or more) time watching TV. Whatever your resolution, remember that it’s up to you to get going and […]

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Please Ignore This Advice

Remember how most fund managers can’t offer you anything except lower returns and higher fees? Well, in response to the economy, more fund managers are beginning to actively manage their clients’ accounts — and abandon the tried-and-true strategy of buy-and-hold. From the Wall Street Journal – Advisers Ditch ‘Buy and Hold’ For New Tactics (via […]

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Weekend Linkage: Suze Orman, Lenny Dykstra and Your Financial Health

One of the things I quickly learned about managing money is that I needed to understand as much as I possibly could in order to make the right decisions. Hopefully, you’re doing the same (and not making these money mistakes). But if you’re listening to certain financial “gurus” or TV personalities, you might not be […]

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