Zenbanx is the Follow Up to Arkadi Kuhlmann’s Revolutionary ING Direct

by Jason Unger

If you’ve ever read anything on this site, then you probably know how much we love(d) ING Direct, the ultimate game changer in online banking, online savings accounts, and online money management.

Day to day, not a ton has changed since their purchase by and renaming to Capital One 360, but for many of us true believers, the belief that the innovative company we once loved still exists is long gone.

The innovation that pushed forward the industry was spearheaded by Arkadi Kuhlmann, the founder of ING Direct. And although he’s been out of the limelight recently, he’s got a new banking company aiming to make transferring and exchanging money easier than ever.

Zenbanx says it wants to “bring fairness to the financial landscape through transparency and continuous innovation.” What exactly does that mean?

Mobile Commerce Press explains:

ZenBanx is designed to provide a cheaper and easier form of mobile banking that will allow for foreign currency exchanges, transfers, and other types of transaction. According to Mr. Kuhlmann explained that the pitch is a smartphone based “regulated bank account with a multi-currency capability” that is “designed to let money travel as freely as humans.”

On their website, Zenbanx says you “can save multiple currencies, choose when you want to exchange them, and send money home when needed.” Here’s their intro video.

The product has officially launched in Canada, but we’ll be paying attention to when they launch here in the States.

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