Ask the Readers: How Often Do You Calculate Your Net Worth?

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As we’ve talked about in the past, the best indicator to determine your current financial status is your net worth. If you want to manage your money like the rich, worry more about your net worth than your salary. As professional athletes have taught us, just because you make a lot of money doesn’t mean […]

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Change Your Attitudes to Change Your Finances

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As someone who works hard at self-improvement on many levels, I’m always mindful of useful aphorisms to help foster growth. One good one is that “actions dictate outcomes, but thoughts dictate actions.” In personal finance as in the rest of life, how you think determines how you act, and consequently, the results you get. Quite […]

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Weekend Linkage: Coupons, Credit Scores and Cut Backs

Do you know the best way to boost your credit score? In this economy, as our friends in the media love to say, it’s not easy to get your credit score high — and then keep it there. Visual Economics, who created the amazing graphics on paychecks and credit cards, offers these 4 tips for […]

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Money Hacks Carnival #80

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Welcome to the Money Hacks Carnival #80 — an awesome roundup of posts spanning investing, personal finance, frugality and making the most of your money. I won’t bore you with an introduction, so it’s on to the carnival! (But, if you’re new here, download the first three days of Automatic Finances for free!) Editor’s Picks […]

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Health Care Reform Hinges on Wealth Inequality

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The debate over health care reform drags on with charges and countercharges. When the groups opposed to change want to throw down the gauntlet, they will describe the Democrats’ proposals as a “complete takeover of the health care industry.” Using the words “complete takeover” makes it sound like the private insurance industry once served people […]

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How to Save Money Using Twitter

Twitter seems to be getting all the attention these days, from its use in organizing and spreading information about the recent election in Iran to its role in crashing sites after the death of Michael Jackson. While many people first think the service is nothing but a way to broadcast what you’re having for breakfast, […]

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10 Personal Finance Blogs You’re Missing Out On

The personal finance blogosphere is exploding. What used to be a small niche topic has turned into a place where regular, normal people are documenting their journeys getting out of debt, saving money and growing their net worth. But there are undoubtedly a few leaders in the arena. If you have any interest in reading […]

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Microsoft Money Discontinued, Thanks Online Banking

Microsoft Money is headed for the grave. The personal finance software, one of the big two desktop programs (along with Quicken), is being discontinued for sale at the end of this month. The reason? Banks and other online services are doing the job, according to a posting on Microsoft’s Money site. With banks, brokerage firms […]

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Paying for College Might Be Getting Easier

Financing a college education may be getting easier. It’s much needed, as the benefits of Federal Student Aid, especially the Federal Student Loan program, reached new lows by 2007. The amount of Pell grants to need-based students was frozen at $4,050 from 2003-2007, even though there were no controls on tuition. Congress increased that to […]

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3 Tips for Easy Short-term Savings

When you’re saving for short-term goals, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with putting money aside. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are 3 tips for saving for short-term goals: Save for One Goal at a Time – It’s much easier to attack one goal with as much force as possible then to spread yourself […]

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Ask the Readers: How Often Do You Check In?

When it comes to automating your finances, the point is to avoid worrying about the day-to-day budgeting/tracking and let online tools do it for you. But, depending on where you are in your financial journey, you may need to adapt the system and check in more often on your day-to-day behaviors. Often, when you’re starting […]

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E-Filing Your Taxes: The Last Minute Option

If you’re one of the many people who has waited until the last day to file their taxes (that’s today, procrastinators!), you may be better off e-filing. The IRS has a decent guide to e-filing your taxes, available here. If you are looking to e-file, follow these three steps from the IRS. Step 1 – […]

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