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Taking important and purposeful steps to reduce your debt is one of the best things that you can do this year. Not only does it greatly help to increase your peace of mind, but creating better ways to approach debt creates good habits that can last a lifetime.

Debt is one of the main stressors in the lives of many people, and having a concrete plan to approach that debt encourages a proactive state of mind which pushes you to see your debt in a new light. Your plan can help you structure your debt so you’ll be better prepared to face it head on.

If you’re ready to make the journey toward a debt-free life, consider these tips that can help you get on the right track and stay there for years to come.



Salary Sharing Taboos and the Memory of Gordie Howe

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The title of the article reads “Salary-sharing taboo a big hurdle for pay equity.” No single bit of American pretension, vanity and egotism does more to harm the common cause of labor than pay secrecy. It harms more than pay equity; it lowers wages for all. The article cites a LinkedIn survey of a thousand […]

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Review: A Fighting Chance, by Elizabeth Warren

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Elizabeth Warren’s latest book, Fighting Chance, has the label Political Science on the back cover, but librarians catalog it in biography. It is a little of both, but more the politics of banking and finance and her two-decade role in it. The first chapter does chronicle her growing up in Oklahoma in typical fashion for […]

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Ted Cruz and the IRS

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Recently the Washington Post ran an editorial by Catherine Rampell discussing the Ted Cruz proposal to get rid of the IRS. [“Cruz’s Anti-IRS illogic,” Washington Post, 3/24/15] “Imagine abolishing the IRS” he tells his audience, where they “have more words in the IRS code than there are words in the bible.” Congress makes the tax law, […]

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Estate Planning: Do I Need It?

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None of us like to think about what happens after we’re gone. When you’re young you think you’re invincible, that nothing bad will ever happen and that the future can take care of itself. But the fact is, anything could happen to us at any time and if you don’t get your financial affairs in […]

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Mobile Payment Trends and Why It Matters

According to Nielsen, mobile payment users are engaged in a diversity of mobile payment methods. In 2014, mobile users paid with a scanned QR/barcode (45%), NFC (37%), mobile credit card reader (24%), and mobile peer-to-peer (22%). The variety of ways that consumers pay with mobile seems to be a reflection of the times. Right now […]

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Finding the Bank That’s Right for You

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One of the reasons I’ve used so many different banks over the past 10 years is that each bank has its own pros and cons. For example, while I certainly just feel like another number with Bank of America, you can’t deny that their network of ATMs nationwide is incredibly convenient. They wouldn’t know me […]

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